Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Birthday Mitzvah

April 16th was our Birthday Fiesta at the local Roller Rink. We celebrated 3 birthdays: Oldest Son, Youngest Son and Mine!

We had over 100 people with about 70 skaters - it was truly wonderful old fashioned fun complete with the Hokey Pokey and Limbo.

Instead of gifts for us, we asked our guests to bring a book to donate to the Mexican Escuela (school) the kids will be attending in Mexico. When we visited the Mexican Escuela library in March, it was obvious they could use more books. We collected 140!!

We have a family tradition of the Birthday Mitzvah (mitzvah is a Jewish term that means any act of human kindness.) Through the years Oldest Son and Youngest Son have collected for libraries, a pet shelter, the school garden and a lower income area elementary school. One of my favorite memories is of Oldest Son when he chose his pet shelter thank you letter to show "who he was" for a project in 2nd grade.

We sent our friends home with festive flowers ...

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jillian said...

love this idea! I am really enjoying reading all about your adventure.