Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Not So Fun Part

The exciting part is deciding to Move to Mexico for 1 Year. It is fun to share this news with family and friends. It will be another stage of adventure when we actually get there.

But Now. Not so fun.

We are still in house h--l. We are working through the saga of a new roof and hoping to get it covered under insurance. Apparently we have a 6 month provision requiring us to report hail damage. Adjustor coming back to check for wind damage tomorrow. We did have a storm with HAIL last night!!! Most other home repairs on hold till we get this figured out.

Stuff. Stuff. More Stuff. Where did all this Stuff come from? It is hard to know where to begin sorting. Husband posted several items to Craig's List. We have to create the various piles:
  • Go to Mexico (VERY limited since just taking 1 car probably)
  • Store (Need to rent place)
  • Try to sell
  • Give away (mostly kid stuff to allocate to various friends)
  • Donate
  • House at friend's (certain items on loan or we do not want in storage for a year)
  • Yard Sale

Funny Story: Oldest Son comes to me crying last night and crawls in my lap. Youngest Son tells Oldest Son we are throwing away Mitchell (siblings can be ruthless.) Who is Mitchell you ask? This is the Rice Baby Oldest Son made in 1st Grade. He loves Mitchell (really.) It is made of stockings and rice and represents what Oldest Son weighed, looked like, etc, when he was born. I assure Oldest Son we will find a home for Mitchell for the year we are away. Truth - I was thinking of throwing away - guess not. Anyone for temporary adoption?

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