Monday, April 14, 2008

Break from Move Madness

So we had a break this weekend from the Move to Mexico focus.

I went with Oldest Son to Cub Scout weekend aboard a WWII Aircraft Carrier. We spent the night on the ship in the real quarters once occupied by Navy Seaman. There was a whole program geared toward educating our children about all the topics associated with a WWII Aircraft Carrier. Truly memorable. We had a GREAT time.

The flag ceremony and slide show was particularly patriotic meant to trigger an emotional response. It worked. I was visibly moved and very much thinking of my Major Brother in US Army. Major Brother recently spent 15 months in Iraq. He is my hero. Really.

And Husband took Youngest Son on Y-Guides camp out. Lots of bonding. Fathers to sons, boys to boys, men to men. They had a fabulous time.

I am amazed at my life. While I have the usual challenges, I am so thankful at the experiences I get to have week to week. I so appreciate what I have at this moment in time.
P.S. No political endorsement meant by picture posted - just taken this weekend and a tribute to a Military Hero.

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