Thursday, November 27, 2008

20 Pesos

Husband and I picked up boys from school yesterday. We could sense that Oldest Son was upset about something. We asked him to share what was wrong. He, of course, said "Nothing."

We have learned that as Oldest Son gets older he tends to be more private about the troubles in his 8 year old world. We knew to drop it for the moment.

This Afternoon
Husband tells me he what was troubling Oldest Son. I ask how does Husband know?

Earlier - This Morning
Each morning Husband sets 20 pesos on counter for Oldest Son to take to school. Oldest Son is responsible for purchasing a healthy snack for Youngest Son and himself each afternoon from local vendors (corn tamales, corn cups, cucumbers, fruit, etc.)

Husband included an extra 20 pesos with secret note to Oldest Son "Here is an extra 20 pesos to tell me what happened yesterday."

This Afternoon
I am taken aback as Husband shares with me how he sent the 20 pesos. In admiration. We have this unique opportunity for our 2 boys to have their father care for them full time this year while we are in Mexico. Husband is able to understand how a small boy's mind works and approach them in male oriented and sensitive ways. I am awed at the thought of Husband writing this special note for our son.

So What Happened?
Nothing major - just a Spanish classroom misunderstanding which embarrassed our son who is motivated by doing all that is expected at school and takes great pride in being a good student. The important result is that Oldest Son feels better having shared what happened and we feel better connected to Oldest Son.

These happenings lay the foundation for the times when truly serious challenges arise and it will be so important to have open, safe and trusting communication.

Thank You Husband. For all you do.

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