Sunday, November 23, 2008

Volcano Part 2 & Horses in the Beach

Volcano Part 2
A few days ago we created our Volcano and we allowed to dry for a few days. Saturday was Eruption Day! We dropped in the Eruption Powder, Red Dye and Water. It did bubble over and provided the kids with a chemical reaction - see above.

Horses on the Beach
We arranged last week for the kids to have a horseback ride on the beach in front of our villa on Saturday. Being Mexico, we anxiously awaited their arrival knowing that they may or may not show up. We were all quite excited when 4 horses appeared! The only glitch was that one of them had got a rock in its hoof and and was kinda limping. The kids had a good time. Youngest Son was pretending to be a cowboy and all 4 children spoke to their horses in Spanish!

"Donde esta las vacas?" said Oldest Son
Where are the cows?

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Steve Cotton said...

If you run out of volcano mix, vinegar and baking soda have the same effect. A bit of nostalgia from my boyhood.