Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dolphins, Whales and Pirates

The View of PV (above)

Majahuitas Beach (above)

We have seen the Marigalante Pirate Ship many times since our arrival last July. With 2 boys, it was inevitable that we would secure passage. The time was right this week. Our 2 boys and the Neighbor Family's 2 girls were thrilled. Yes, yes - very touristy but very, very fun! We boarded the Marigalante at 9:30am and exited at 4:30pm.

Upon arrival we were assigned a Pirate, Joker. Joker took care of our every need throughout the day. The crew of Pirates was surprisingly talented - they sang, danced, sword fought and provided excellent humor. There was swashbuckling action from the shows, 2 excellent meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Neighbor Daddy and I won the "dancing contest" - suffice it to say there was lots of embarrassment involved but we triumphed and have the T-Shirts to prove it!

Majahuitas Beach
We spent 2 hours at Majahuitas Beach which can only be reached by boat. We were able to snorkel, play beach volleyball, use boogie boards, take banana boat rides and kayak. The Pirates organized a Treasure Hunt and Olympics for the kids. Neighbor Girl Age 8 found the buried treasure of chocolate coins! She won a Pirate Do-Rag cap that she wore until end of their visit.

The beach was beautiful and had a natural fresh water spring running through it. The boys played almost entire time in this flow of fresh water.

Dolphins and Whales
We saw our FIRST WHALES!!!!!! ever. I was ecstatic. We spotted whales a couple different times along with a group of dolphins. We hear that within the month hundreds of whales will be in and around the bay.

I could not resist posting a picture of the banos (bathroom). I have never seen anything like this ...

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