Friday, November 28, 2008

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Mexico

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Mexico with our USA neighbors who were visiting for the week. I inadvertently erased the pictures off my camera before downloading. Ouch!

While in Mexico, we have tried to maintain a piece of home for the kids while incorporating a Mexican perspective. Thus, we had the following mostly traditional and simple menu:

- Turkey: Husband prepared and it was really, really, really good
- Turkey Gravy
- Apple & Turkey Bacon Stuffing: not our usual stuffing due to lack of ingredients in Mexico
- Fresh Green Beans
- Fresh avocado, pears and melon
- 1 Corn Tamale - Youngest Son saved it from his afternoon snack purchase to contribute to our Thanksgiving Feast
- Mango Pie: from "Pie in the Sky" which is an amazing local bakery
- Chocolate Mousse: Our neighbors always spend Thanksgiving with us and provide Chocolate Mousse prepared with French Chocolate. Neighbor Daddy's family is from France. Youngest Son specifically requested they bring the "Moose" when he learned of their visit on Thanksgiving
- Chile Red Wine: purchased locally

Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Neighbor Girl Age 8 and Neighbor Girl Age 6 decorated our windows with Thanksgiving images and set the table with fall themed paper dinnerware and our Mexican candles. They made the most creative name cards with Turkey Stamps and Dot Paints. The eight of us sat outside around our rustic wood table with the surf breaking on the beach and the palm trees accented with white lights.

Our evening ended with a crab hunt on the beach (we are a catch and release family) followed by the kids jumping in the pool - in only their underwear - oh the naughtiness thrilled their young hearts!

Our life is not perfect and we recognize that health and happiness can be fragile and fleeting. We are thankful for this day and this year.


Fat Doctor said...

Sounds like fun. So glad you have another family down there to experience this with! Happy Thanksgiving, cousins!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

FD - Great to hear from you - we are tracking your news from afar - am anxious to hear that all goes well ...