Monday, January 12, 2009

Canopy Zip Lines

We explored the Canopy Zip Lines with Atlanta Friends last week. Our family had never done this before. Highly recommend. It was quite fun. We caught an excursion bus which took us into the mountains of Puerto Vallarta.

A Canopy Zip Line Team of 8 charming, charismatic young men helped suit us up in a harness & helmet and provide training. You must be age 6 and 3'8" to participate. Youngest Son is exactly 3'8" - we measured. Husband, Youngest Son and I were asked no less than 7 times if he was age 6 - I do not think they believed us - he is a little guy.

We hiked up to first Canopy Zip Line. It was a short zip line and that is where they got The Photo - you know the one to sell at the end.

We then proceeded through a course of about 15 lines over trees, rocks and the river. It was really enjoyable. The kids had a blast. The Canopy Zip Line Team did a nice job of helping the kids and even riding with them on certain lines.

The final Canopy Zip Line had two zip lines side by side to race into the Landing Area. Landing Area had a bar, restaurant and beautiful mountain river. The river had huge boulders to hike around on and there was a swimming area with two rock slides. It was too cold for me but kids jumped right in!

The last bit of entertainment was a small animal menagerie. We got to go into a cage with small, rambunctious monkeys to feed them. The was also a large iguana to hold and few other creatures.

Another fun day in Mexico!


CancunCanuck said...

Oooh, my kind of fun! Glad they didn't have the age restriction here or Max wouldn't have been able to enjoy our zip line day. I love that you and the family are finding so many great adventures in your time here, you've got some very fortunate (and intelligent and kind from the sounds of it) kids. Keep on with the fun times!

Steve Cotton said...

AMM -- This is one of my favorite PV spots. I have done it several times -- and will do it again. Glad you got up there -- and down.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun! From Uncle John.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

CC - I think our families would have a great time hanging out! I envied your list of 2008 trips.

SC - Yes - it is totally awesome.

A - It was terrific. Your nephews are fearless.

Erin said...

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