Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Starts Wed, No Mon, No Wed ... Monday

This is very typical of our life in Mexico.

We have a Mexico School Calendar that indicates the kids would go back to school Monday, January 5.

Other American Family (3 boys in same Mexico school and from same USA city) has a Mexico School Calendar that indicates kids would go back to school Wednesday, January 7.

We try to get in touch with teacher - no luck.

Sunday night at Taco Stand, January 4th, we run into a Local Property Manager Family (our Property Manager) who have 2 kids at Mexico School and have gone there for years. Local Property Manager Family says YES we DO have school Monday, January 5.

Then later that same Sunday night Local Property Manager Family calls us and says NO we do not have school for students - only teachers on Monday and Tuesday.

So we and Other American Family do NOT send kids to school on Monday and Tuesday - they return to Mexico School Wednesday, January 7.

Everybody asks our kids "Where have you been last 2 days?"

Oh well. Our family tagline coined by Oldest Son on our Road Trip:

"It's Mexico, It's an Adventure."


Bob Mrotek said...

From the mouth of babes...Oldest son got it just right :)

Steve Cotton said...

Great tag line. And exactly the reason I am heading south.

Anonymous said...

Omiword! Too funny!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

All - I have come to expect the winding path that is Mexico!

BM - We loved when Oldest Son said this because that means he has grasped what is Mexico.

SC - You will love it here!

A - Yes all you can do is laugh.