Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview with Sons

We are 1/2 way through our Move to Mexico and how is it going? I interviewed Oldest Son (age 8, 3rd Grade) and Youngest Son (age 6, Kindergarten):

How would you describe your ability to speak Spanish?
Youngest Son: Amazing
Oldest Son: Better than Mommy's - Amazing

Why is it Amazing?
Youngest Son: Because at 1st I did not think I would be able to speak Spanish when came to Mexico
Oldest Son: Because I thought it would be super hard

What really happened when learning Spanish?
Youngest Son: We learned how
Oldest Son: We learned really fast

Why do you think you learned so fast?
Youngest Son: My teacher helps me speak Spanish. My friends talk to me in Spanish and I talk back correctly.
Oldest Son: My parents encourage me. My friends just speak Spanish so I have been determined to learn.

When at school what percent of day do you speak Spanish?
Youngest Son: 50%
Oldest Son: 45%

Do you think in Spanish?
Youngest Son: No
Oldest Son: When I think in Spanish, my mind thinks of a sentence and then translates to Spanish.

Do you dream in Spanish?
Youngest Son: Sometimes in Mexico
Oldest Son: No

What do you still need to work on in Spanish?
Youngest Son: Learn rest of ABCs
Oldest Son: I have trouble knowing where to put the accent (in writing)

What is it like to read and write in Spanish?
Youngest Son: Kinda easier in Spanish because I can pronounce letters easier and find what means faster (he is actually reading in Spanish easier due to vowels being easier)
Oldest Son: Been a little frustrating but in end works out

How do you think knowing Spanish will help you?
Youngest Son: When I grow up I am going to go to a business in Mexico and speak Spanish
Oldest Son: My work might send me somewhere where I need to speak Spanish or I might meet someone who speaks Spanish. I will also get better grades in Spanish in USA.

How do you think next 6 months will go?
Youngest Son: I think I will start learning more cursive
Oldest Son: Some hard times but I am ready for it

What foods do you like in Mexico?
Youngest Son: Red snapper, little snack fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, coconuts, coconut milk, mahi mahi, tamales
Oldest Son: Red snapper, tacos, quesadillas, lobster, helotes (local corn snack)

What do you miss from USA?
Youngest Son: My friends, Thai food place
Oldest Son: My friends, pizza

Are you glad to be in Mexico for 1 year? Why? What is best part?
Youngest Son: Yes because I am just happy. It is fun. I get to do things I don't do in USA. I like Birthday Parties and friends.
Oldest Son: Yep because Mexico is going to be an Adventure and I get to go activities like zip lining and the Road Trip/Camping. Best part is meeting new people.

My Comments: Nothing obviously profound in the literal answers. The profoundess of the answers is that of a child's happiness and unquestioning acceptence of the world in which he exists.


Steve Cotton said...

And here is what I am learning from you and the boys. All of the planning in the world is fine, it is the doing that makes all the difference. I nees to keep learning that lesson, and your boys just helped.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Sometimes my attempts to "Do" can be overwhelming but it does make for an interesting and eventful life.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I think it is profound. Your kids are so open to new things.
"Youngest Son: Yes because I am just happy. It is fun. I get to do things I don't do in USA. I like Birthday Parties and friends."
Look at that sentence! It so easily could have been "I can't do things that I did in the USA."
I am just happy!! Isn't that what we want to hear from our kids? that they are happy? Not only are your kids awesome, you and your husband have to be amazing parents to have nurtured that spirit!

ibis said...

I took my girls for a year in the USA, and it was exactly the same but he opposite... they still speak english, the older does better but the younger understands quite well but lacks vocubulary to express herself properly. They were seven and three then. you boys have taken Spanish into their systems and also the cultural experiece of Mexico is now a part of them.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

T - Thanks for your always encouraging thoughts. We are blessed with flexible, happy kids. Life is ever shifting so I appreciate this moment in time - things can change so fast.

I - So interesting. I love being able to drop this gift in their laps. The other day Youngest Son told me he was going to live in MX when I was not the boss of him, he would be married then and I could visit if I was still alive. Too funny.

Steven Roll said...

That's an interesting idea to interview your kids on this. It really demonstrates that the earlier you start learning a language, the better.

Unfortunately, most school districts in the U.S. don't start language education until the sixth grade. This is so even though there are kids in my son's elementary school class that start out the year not knowing a word of English.

By the end of the year, they are fluent.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

The rest of the world seems to be able to teach English and the local language.

I think it would be just to big a change in USA. Although there are Spanish Immersion programs in South - I just do not know how well really working.

Then there are International Private Schools too.

Amanda said...

I loved reading this, thanks for sharing.

On Mexican Time said...

That is awesome!!

I just found your blog - love it!! I've now added you to my blog roll!!!

sava11 said...

ja, i know how your son feels.
there isnt any thai restaurants in P.V.