Friday, January 16, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

Our Shabbat Candle Stick purchased in Santa Clara del Cobre on our Road Trip.

I arrived back in Mexico this afternoon with Special Girlfriend and Special Girlfriend's Daughter (age 6 - same as Youngest Son.) Special Girlfriend is who I stay with when I am in USA. While being away from my family when commuting is tough, a surprising gift has been spending time with this family away from Mexico. So I am VERY pleased that they are visiting us in Mexico for the weekend.

We all went to swim and explore the beach when we noticed visitors who clearly looked Jewish. They are from South Africa and now live in New Jersey. It was nice to welcome them to Mexico with Shabbat Shalom.

Special Girlfriend's Daughter and Youngest Son have a unique connection. They were in the infant room together at our Temple's preschool and then spent the next 4 years in the same class. They literally have known each other since they were 5 months old! Both bubble over with personality and were laughing and playing immediately today.

Special Girlfriend and Special Girlfriend's Daughter are also Jewish. We celebrated Shabbat with them tonight. After we lit the candles and said the three blessings, Special Girlfriend's Daughter and Youngest Son alternated reading aloud Gates of Wonder, A Prayerbook for Very Young Children.

My favorite part is of this simple prayerbook is:

When I pray I wonder ...
I wonder what Mitzvah is;

I wonder about rainbows.

I wonder about day and night.

I wonder if I could touch the stars.

I wonder what I'll be like when I am older.

I wonder why people are different.

I wonder when all people will be safe.

I wonder about life.

Wondering is reaching for answers.


Steve Cotton said...

A lovely post/

Fat Doctor said...

What a beautiful prayer. Your family is blessed by this experience. How long do you anticipate staying down there? I'd love to visit but we'd have to get a visa for the baby and find more than 3 days off in a row for me.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

S - Thank you - I really love this prayerbook.

FD - We will be here till end of July. Get the Visa and get on down here! You would love it and I promise you the most relaxing vacation ever! All you have to do is arrive at the airport we take care of the rest.