Friday, March 28, 2008

Day After Mexico

I am feeling a bit anxious about the kids and their Spanish.

I ask Oldest Son to read from 2nd Grade Spanish Reader. He reads it beautifully with correct pronunciation and proceeds to voluntarily educate me on several Spanish grammar rules as well as how vowels work. He does not actually comprehend all the words but clearly has an understanding of structure of Spanish language. Okay, he HAS had Spanish for 4 years, twice a week in Fancy Private School. I am feeling a bit better.

We have school conference scheduled for Youngest Son. We discuss plans with both Kindergarten Teacher and Director. Both, enthusiastically encourage us to take this opportunity. Both know Youngest Son very well. I am feeling better.

We talk with both kids' Spanish Teachers. They too are very encouraging and agree to tutor Oldest Son, Youngest Son and me. I am feeling mucho better.

We decide to tell the kids. Very anti-climatic. Youngest Son smiles and says "Thank you Mommy and Daddy." Oldest Son digests that he can come back to his same school, he can come back to same house and he will have a friend in Mexico (Other Oldest Son from Other American Family.) Oldest Son is good. Kids ask if they can go look for bugs.

It is March 14, 2008 and we have decided we are moving to Mexico for 1 year.

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