Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How did this Mexican Adventure Begin?

Well I am about to embark on one of the more exciting adventures of my life. We have decided to move to Mexico for a year! This blog will chronicle that journey.

Where to begin - well why would we do this?

It all started in September 2006 - really. Husband grew very weary of Corporate Job. We decided he would leave Corporate Job in March 2007. He would try to start his own business. I would support family with my independent HR consulting business.

We said out loud "Let's explore other life options!" We applied for jobs in Hawaii. I signed up on International Teacher Jobs web site. I web surfed all over the world. Nothing stuck.

THEN. February 27, 2008. Really wonderful friends, Other American Family, revealed they were moving to Mexico with their 3 boys.

I said to Husband "Why don't we go too?"
Husband gives me that look and says "You do the initial leg work and I will talk about it."


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Vamanos said...

Aha! HR consulting. Even more in common! I was recruiting remotely for my husband's company (Boston, SD & Toronto) for the last 5 years. My last hire for them was an HR Director - put myself out of work! I miss talking to people about their lives & goals and dreams (maybe that's why I blog!).