Monday, March 31, 2008

Major Steps Forward

On March 24, 2008 it all became really real.

We had our meeting with Fancy Private School. We RELEASED our spots for boys for 2008-09 school year. (my stomach turns)

You may be thinking "So What?"

The application process is pretty intense and we feel fortunate the boys have the opportunity to be part of this Fancy Private School. Both boys have attended since PK. A major factor in our decision to go to Mexico is that Fancy Private School will allow both boys to return WITHOUT retesting for 2009-10. We just have to contact them by January 2009. I am not sure we would have decided to spend the year away without this flexibility.

Now once away, we may get a different perspective on how tied we are to this particular educational path. For now, I am sleeping much better knowing I have the Fancy Private School Email documenting the option to return.

I have a Crazy Granny - not really crazy - but definitely difficult! I have been putting off telling her. She is extremely partial to Youngest Son. I tell her. Not so bad. Maybe my expectations so low that any response was acceptable. She is worried, does not want us to go, etc. but she did not freak out. Whew - glad to be past that conversation.

We disclose our plans to extended family and lots of friends. Electronic communication is an amazing thing!

Most responses are encouraging and positive. A few do not seem to understand why would leave our nice life in America. Some are sad - being away from close ones for a year is hard. Lots of talk about visiting - hope we really do get lots of visitors.

Gotta get a place to live in Mexico!

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