Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's Get this Move Go'in!

The week of March 17th, 2008. We start trying figure out exactly how we are going to do this.

We create the dreaded Excel Action List/Project Plan. Oh yes, it is color coded, categorized and l-o-n-g. Husband is mostly in charge of getting it done while I continue to work full time.

Husband does several things: takes an inventory of the Spanish learning reference materials we already have, orders Rosetta Stone software and starts to finalize private tutoring schedule.

Mexican Rental Home
Most of Mexico is on holiday so getting anything done is just not going to happen.

American House Repair
Husband starts to gear up for much needed home repairs. We are trying to have everything ready by May 1, 2008. Wish us luck!

Telling People
We tell a few close friends - not really "public" yet as we let it all sink in to make sure this is right decision.

Kids are home for Spring Break so most time is spent hanging out with them. Oldest Son turns 8 and we have "real Birthday" celebration because the big party comes later.

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Parrott Family said...

Have you thought about how to rent your house? Since you will be out of the country, it might be best to use a service. You are so close to should easily find a big family to enjoy that great kitchen!

So excited to find you blogging this experience. I'm adding this site to my bloglines account. :)