Friday, July 4, 2008

Kids, School & First Shabbat

Today was a big day. Oldest Son and Youngest Son visited their Mexican School for first time and we met with the Principal. All seem to go very well.

We presented the 170+ English books all our friends had donated for kid's Birthday Mitzvah. Principal was quite pleased and grateful.

We learned that the Principal will be holding special 2 week session July 14 - July 25 in the mornings for new kids and those whose first language is not Spanish. We did not know about this option. So. We will now leave Mexico in the morning and try to wrap up American Home ASAP and get back down here for kids to attend.

Principal not worried at all about Youngest Son and Kinder 3. She did talk a bit more about Oldest Son and his adjusting. She will pull him out of English each week along with another French Girl to provide extra help with Spanish.

We got our holiday listing, school supplies list (they will gather and provide for 250 Pesos) and directions for where to get uniforms.

Principal was quite dynamic. Apparently she started school 20 years ago and has built it to 3 Pre-Primaria grades and Grades 1-12. They are in construction right now for new building to hold Pre-Primaria. She is very attractive and mentioned being in Germany and traveling in USA while growing up.

Kids are very happy. They really like our Mexican Villa. They have played and played and played. They like their room and the pools and the ocean. Both reacted well to Mexican School visit. We all shared a huge platter of BBQ Fish today which had 3 whole fish (heads, bones, etc.), rice, vegetables and tortillas - scrumptious!

We also had our first Shabbat tonight. We had all the important components:

Candles - We used candles selected by Oldest Son and Youngest Son at Mega and we had to blow them out since not exactly quick burning
Kiddish - Nectar de Mango juice worked
Challah - Fruit loops wrapped in kitchen towel
Prayers and Family - We always have these
Shabbat Meal - Chicken, Mango, Cucumbers, Queso Manchego, Plantains, Homemade Tortillas & Salsa

The perfect first Mexican Shabbat.

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