Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toys versus Clothes Pins

Husband and I have been debating how many toys Oldest Son and Youngest Son need in Mexico. On 1st Trip, about 30% of our available truck space was given to transporting toys.

I hope to take lots of books, games and a few more toys on 2nd Trip.

Husband sent me the following Text Message today:

"Next time u think more toys r needed in mexico know that the boys are playing w/clothes pins and having fun"
See Picture.

Since all their toys are already in Mexico, packed to go in next trip or given away ... kids really have been playing all kinds of games with these clothes pins that include bad guys, good guys, strategic positioning ... like first thing in the morning when they wake up ... kids really are not helping me "win" this debate for them.

On a more serious perspective: it really is an amazing example of the glory of a child's imagination and how ridiculously consumeristic we are.

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sarah said...

That's so true - the consumerism is just crazy. I thought about that a lot when I was in Mexico City last month. It's been hard to readjust to being in the US, even though I've just been back a few days.

Kid & I leave tomorrow night; will probably be in Mexico City for a few days, and I have to be in Guadalajara for a few more. We'll do the buses, yes - and I'm really hoping he'll look up from his Nintendo (by desire or by force ;) ) and see Mexico.

Hope it's going well for you!