Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Living In Mexico: Medicine Delimma

I expect we will run into many challenges that surround living in a different country and not speaking the language fluently.

Oldest Son woke up with fever today along with some vomiting. We have a few Junior Strength Motrin tablets that we started giving him. Husband purchased Motrin Suspension Infantil and Tylenol Infantil at local store. The dosage dispenser only goes to child's weight of 15 kg.

Dilemma: Doesn't Infantil mean Infant? Oldest Son is 8 and 50 lbs/22.7 kg.

Well yes but the other choices in Mexico appear to be Pediatric (which seemed to be for babies) and Adult versions. There does not seem to be Junior or Children's versions exactly.

Oh Mannnn. I spent 45 minutes surfing the internet in English and Spanish to make sure we are using correct dosage. Thank goodness for Babel Fish translation.

Conclusion: The Motrin Suspension Infantil is 20 mg/1 ml which is same as Children's Motrin 100 mg/5 mL. So we just have to add dosages together to get to the 10 mL.

Not sure what we will do if we need to take Oldest Son to doctor - no doubt we will figure it out.


sarah said...

Yikes - hope your son's doing better. Do you have contacts, even at the school, that you can call if needed to get to a doctor?

Don't mess around with it if he's not better soon. Trust me on this one, bigtime.

Oh. Pokemon cards do exist in Spanish, yes. Kid has a Pokemon magazine I picked up for him when I was down here in June, and at least a couple sets of cards. They'd make Pokemon cards in Klingon if they'd sell...

Lisa (LGMB) said...

I had to take my son to a doctor the last time I visited Guanajuato (2006) but I have relatives there who could help.

What a great time to learn some Spanish vocabulary ...

fever-fiebre or calentura
vomiting- vomitando

I hope your son is feeling better and that you can get a good referrel, possibly from the school, if necessary :)