Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Pieces of Puzzle

So we are down to the last pieces of the puzzle for our Move to Mexico.

RENT HOUSE - This is a huge middle, piece with big fat $$$$ signs going "down the tubes." I am starting to get financially antsy. And yes I still have several "get house emptied" tasks there never seem to end.

US HEALTH INSURANCE - This is medium sized red piece that is really important. We need to have major medical in US to keep credible coverage certificates and for any major health issues we may have to treat in US. Husband has some health conditions making this difficult. Looks like we will drop kids & me off COBRA, file a Qualified Status Change on COBRA to Husband Only and when expires in October Husband will go into State Pool. Sounds complicated - it is.

MEXICO HEALTH INSURANCE - A corner piece. Gotta get some kind of policy in Mexico too. Husband working on it.

It has been strange to be in USA home while family is in Mexico. I get confused when referring to here or there or home. Which is it? Is here there? Is there here? And where is home for me since I will be back and forth.

By the way, Husband has recovered but was sick for about 36 hours. I hear from Husband that Kids were great. I miss them. Allot.


Anonymous said...

You almost had me with the Fishing Story but having just gone through the hell of a kidney stone and starting to receive the pile of bills and the copays, even WITH health insurance (albeit not the greatest - heck, I work at a health care facility), I think I'll stick to the shores of the good 'ole USA.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

We decided to be self insured. With the price of health care in Merida compared to California, we spend what would be our co-pays and see specialists without having to ask permission.
Some of our friends have IMSS insurance, which is the national health care. It goes by age, but even the most expensive premium (for age 60 and above) is around $300 usd per year.
But even without health insurance, a GP costs arround $150mxp and a specialist at the state of the art Star Medica sosts $500, and this is not a 15 minute visit,it's as long as you need.
Our neighbor was in the hospital for a week, he had emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction, he was in a private room in Clinica Merida which until Star Medica was built was the #1 hospital here. His total bill for everything was $70,000 mxp including a couple of days in ICU. The private room was $900mxp.Really, I have know people to go into the hospital and their co-pay was more that the approximately $7,000 usd our neighbor paid, and they certainly didn't get the same level of care.
If he had gone to the IMSS hospital he wouldn't have had a private room but he would have had the same doctors and not paid a thing!
I don't know where you are so I don't know what is available to you. Merida is where they send everyone from the pennisula and even from Belize and further south.
So unless you are living in a pueblito, don't sweat the health care, it's a bargain.

Jenn;0) said...

Okay...diregard my last comment on your other post about husband and kids being sick and such! I'm glad they got better!;)


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Thanks Theresa! I get very worried with 2 little kids.