Monday, July 21, 2008

School, Panic, Relief

We took both children to School today as we were told that there would be some kind of extra help this week in the mornings for kids who did not speak Spanish. Honestly, it was unclear whether it was for both kids or just Oldest Son and we really did not know what it was.

We arrived. The Principal obviously did not know who we were and did not remember we would be there. She asked about their Spanish and I erroneously gave the impression they could not speak Spanish at all. She indicated they could not go to school there since much of day was in Spanish and those teachers do not speak English. I had a moment of panic. Oh My Gosh - what are we going to do? Fortunately School Administrator explained who were and Husband entered conversation. All was okay.

As it turns out, session is only for Oldest Son since he is entering 3rd Grade (Youngest Son going to K3.) It is 1 hour of tutoring. We leave Oldest Son at School. I know he is a bit nervous. Oldest Son understands Spanish quite well and speaks with a beautiful accent but he is not conversational yet.

When Husband picks him up, Principal is complementary (guess kids get to go to school after all!) He was in tutoring with one other little girl who is learning English. It worked out nicely. She can help Oldest Son with Spanish and him with her English. Oldest Son has homework and returns each day this week at 10 am.

We are grateful for any extra help with Spanish before the kids start School on August 18th.

Husband is doing great with his Spanish. I am afraid Spanish is going to be very, very difficult for me.


sarah said...

Bienvenidos a casa! Don't worry - Spanish *will* come. I spoke it fluently 20 years ago & struggle with it now, but the kid's absorbing it like a sponge, and we've barely been here 24 hours. Having little option but to use it makes learning a language much easier.

I have a couple questions - if you're up for it, want to drop me an email? (I think you can get it from my blogger ID... maybe?)

Brenda said...

It will come as time goes on.

Lisa (LGMB) said...

I've been learning Spanish for over ten years and I learn something new just about everyday ... trust Brenda; it will come as time goes on. Lol

I've been reading about your adventurous move and can't wait to read more. Good luck with everything and I hope the kids love their new school :)


Madeline said...

hello, I've been reading your blog from start to finish. It's so inspiring. My husband and I have agreed to do the same with our 8 yr old probably this summer (july 2010)
We're just starting our process now but I think we will be in a similar area (PV?) I'd like to know more about the school you choose. Can you send me the name of it? mads.milne[at]
I'm looking forward to the rest of your blog! thanks, M