Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting to Know Those Around Us

Nima, our housekeeper, has 4 little boys and another baby on the way. She is a very nice person. She only speaks Spanish so I get very challenged when she comes. I so want to TALK with her. So I keep trying and hopefully over time I will get better. I plan to study and work on my Spanish while here - it is just slow going.

The best part is that Nima brings her 9 year old son Ricardo sometimes. It is great because the 3 boys can play. I took a 45 minute break from work (it has been very long work days this week) to take the boys to pool. The kids do not really talk yet. So I was thrilled when Oldest Son relayed to Ricardo in Spanish that we had 5 more minutes before time to go. Oldest Son has such a nice accent when he does speak Spanish. It is thrilling to see him acquire this wonderful language. The kids did play at the beach and then with their nerf guns back at Villa. Ricardo has a sunny disposition and I am really pleased the kids are making a friend from Mexico!


Steve Cotton said...

I thoroughly enjoy these personal vignettes. I am counting the days until I get to return -- permanently. The four of you will be leaving just about the time I return.

Lisa (LGMB) said...

It sounds like it may be hard to leave in a year, especially once you get the language down pat.

My seven year old speaks a good bit of Spanish and I always get that warm feeling us mothers get when our children do something impressive each time I hear him.

It's those moments I consider to be 'the finer moments' in life :)


Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Thanks for posting on our blog! I just read your whole is very similar to our experience. Keep writing and keep working on your espanol.

Fat Doctor said...

What a gift you are giving your sons. The knowledge of culture, language and the sense that "Americans are Not the Only Citizens of the World."

I admire you so much.

As for Spanish, I use it more than I thought at work. I always introduce with, "Hablo cien palabras, no mas, y no verbos." (I speak 100 words, no more, and no verbs). When immigrants to this country hear me really making a fool of myself in my second language, they try some English. It always works this way. Using Spanglish together, I can get a pretty good history.

When giving instructions or sharing my plan, though, I always use an interpreter phone for medicolegal (and humanitarian) reasons.

RCGNTulsa said...

American Mommy . . . We'd love to exchange a few emails with you if you have time, -- WE are me, wife, and 2 daughters, 9 & 4. We are just beginning a "life adventure" that I think will closely parallel yours -- we are staging a move from Oklahoma to Merida Yucatan. In our case, wife is primary "at home" parent, and I am breadwinner -- WE are self employeed in IT -- consulting and service work as well as assorted, easily transplanted online offerings. If there is a way to contact you off the blog, please let us know. Roger & Susan