Friday, August 8, 2008

Outing: Sayulita

We went to Sayulita last weekend. Local coastal village with lots of charm.

We went to just enjoy the beach. And we did.

Sayulta is known for its surfing. There was an area of the beach where we got to watch 15-20 surfers through the day. Yes. I have the surfing bug! Soon, mi amigo, soon ...

We did not pack a lunch (although we did have cerveza!) so I went on the hunt with pesos in hand. 1st I found a Tortilleria and purchased a stack of fresh, warm flour tortillas - had some language challenges but managed to conduct the transaction. (under 10 pesos) I wandered further down and got a bag of fresh cucumbers and orange slices with salt sprinkled on top (I took a pass on chili pepper since kids eating.) (10 pesos) I found a Mini Super to get a package of oaxaca cheese, jar of salsa and mango juice. (45 pesos)

A Mexican Feast indeed. It was so good on the beach. The kids especially enjoyed the orange tortilla roll-ups! Thanks goodness they are open to new foods and new ways to eat familiar foods.

Husband and I took turns hanging out under the umbrella and swimming with boys. Oldest Son swears he saw a lobster as he was diving with his goggles on - maybe he did. We stayed until Youngest Son acquired a rash in a delicate area due to all the sand and surf play!

Kids rode home in their natural state ... because they could ... because they are boys ... because why not?


Lisa (LGMB) said...

Sounds fun ... but a rash in a delicate area you say?

I was just reading about sea lice over at Cancun Canuck's blog the other day. I had no idea that tiny sea offspring can get caught inside of and dry to creat itchy rashes beneath bathing suits.

I hope he's doing better now and I envy the food choices so easily available; much better than typical fast food.


Anonymous said...
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~*jenn*~ said...

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! And I love the ending sentance! Because they could....exactly! :)