Monday, August 4, 2008

Technolgy & Work

So I may have given the illusion that it is all play no work. Not at all. We are working, raising kids and paying bills just like everyone else. We are just doing it in Mexico.

What makes this Move to Mexico possible is that I am able to work remote. Working remote is made possible by technology!

Here is how we are set up.

Vonage USA Phone Line - We have set up a Vonage line which is connected via the internet. We have the same area code and phone number we had in USA. It dials just like we were sitting in our USA house. I can dial USA conference call numbers without worrying about an international connection. The cost is $25 US per month with no US long distance charges.

Telemex Internet & Mexico Phone Line - Our internet connections and Mexico phone are through Telemex. Telemex is pretty much the only option around. Property Manager got it all set up for us before we arrived. So far internet works great. No disruptions and speedy. The cost is $100 US per month.

Wireless - Husband set up 3 lap tops and printer with our wireless router from USA. Works like a charm. Can connect from upstairs "office" (i.e. Master Bedroom) or back porch.

USA Mobile Phone - We canceled Husband's line. I still have my AT&T iPhone account for when I am in USA. It is very costly to talk, text and email while in Mexico even with international add-on.

Mexico Mobile Phone - On list of To Dos for Husband. Not really necessary but seems prudent from safety perspective. We only have 1 car here so if one out and something happens - yada yada, yada ...

I work every day just like in USA. I am over the top busy with work right now so looking to get some balance within next 2 weeks in this area of my life too. Wish me luck.


Steve Cotton said...

I am enjoying the blog. Instead of checking now and then, I have added you to the blog roll. Let me know if you have any objections.

American Mommy in Mexico said...


No problemo.

sarah said...

I'm curious about your AT&T charges. My blackberry's on AT&T, and it's not horrendously more expensive here than it is in the US. Not sure if that's my company's corporate deal with them or what - but it's just another one of 1,613 details I need to look into, I guess.

I was here for the rollout of the iPhone in Mexico, and was soooooo tempted to get myself down to Telcel to pick one up! Can't use them on the work network yet, so I'm holding off... for now. Doesn't mean I'm not green w/envy, though...

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Honestly, we have not been as dligent as we should about the iPhone AT&T charges.

I have the added international plan which makes things a bit cheaper. It is like $5 extra a month. In Mexico, it is .59 per minute (ouch) and .50 per text )another ouch.) While in MX, I try not to use iPhone - focus on Vonage line. While back in USA, I can use iPhone with no extra charges