Monday, August 11, 2008

In USA Again - House Rented

I arrived back in USA Sunday to work this week. I go back to Mexico Thursday.

Good News - it looks like our USA House is going to rent by end of August!!! Huge financial relief.

Now I really have to get the rest of our stuff outta here. Big sigh.

Last items include:
- Sell or Move Vectra 1800 Home gym - we are going to take huge loss if we consign it so gotta decide exactly what to do
- Move very large and heavy handmade roll-top desk, antique couch and desk chair
- Finish going through kids clothes and my clothes
- Go through 8 years of kid art work
- Go through photos
- Move some last boxes to storage
- Store Explorer at Grandparents house
- Clean carpets

I come back to USA next Monday too. My Wonderful Friend (Husband to Best Friend) is going to help me move stuff.

It is just going to be such a big relief to get these final steps done in USA House.

One little glitch is Renters want house until August 31, 2009 which will put us in a housing bind when we come back since kids will start school prior week. All well - I will think about that next year, literally.


American Mommy in Mexico said...


Steve Cotton said...

I am going to face a similar problem. I do not intend to sell the house when I move to Melaque next summer, but I am reluctant to rent. I hope to learn a lot from your adventure.

Jennifer said...

Great news for you guys! Now you can really relax and enjoy your adventure. :)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Great news and a wonderfully Mexican attitude towards the rental end date. That is a long time from now, anything can happen.

Allan, Matt, Rickey and Mitzi said...

Thanks so much for your advice left on my blog (bostontomexico). I REALLY appreciate it. It's also nice to know we're making friends before even setting foot in Mexico. I'll be sure to read your blog. Thanks again! Matt

sarah said...

Congratulations on renting the house! I'm in deep philosophical discussions with my realtor about whether to rent or sell, and will probably start thinking more about it when I'm back in the US. Kid & I just plan to be in Mexico for the year, but the house is just One More Thing I'm not sure I want to deal with.

Sounds like there's a lot of us learning from what you're doing. Thanks for blazing the trail, and hope the week's work isn't too bad.