Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Very Good Days

"I cannot remember the last time I had two really good days." said Husband.

We have had two days that represent why we Moved the Kids to Mexico. I arrived back in Mexico Thursday night to torrential rainstorms creating tough drive from Mexico Villa to and from airport. Lots of flooded streets.

Friday - Snorkeling and Hiking Outing
We did the "tourist thing." We arrived at local tour company at 8am for breakfast and to board a very large, two level boat.

Our first stop was to snorkel and kayak. I snorkeled with Oldest Son who can really snorkel. He can dive down, clear snorkel, etc. He spotted a 3 foot needle fish about 15 feet down. We saw lots of colorful fish and different varieties of marine life attached to rocks. We returned to boat for lunch (and yes open bar!)

We then went to Yelapa. You can only reach Yelapa by boat. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall. I conspired with Oldest Son. Mexican boys were jumping of side of cliff into water below. He scurried up 20 feet (at least) and jumped out into the cool, clear water. I thought Tourist Guide was going to have a heart attack. Tourist Guide said "Okay for local boys but not tourists." Not sure Husband was too thrilled either. Oldest Son was beaming.

The kids then frolicked (yes this is the correct word) on the Yelapa beach for an hour with a Mexican boy. Husband and I relaxed with cerveza.

The crew was lots of fun on way home. Youngest Son and I danced and probably looked pretty silly. Youngest Son bonded with crew assisting them with all kinds of tasks.

Finally, we saw dolphins from boat on the ride back home. We arrived back at 4:30. Husband and I needed a day to just not think about anything. This was it.

We sleepily celebrated the beginning of Shabbat.

A very good day.

Saturday – Beach and Friends
We went to Private School to turn in school supplies and found out some items we still need to get. Private School is completing Preschool construction, did not know exact cost of lunches yet and not sure what the 3rd Grade Schedule is yet. We start Monday. It is a bit more relaxed than USA school - that is for sure.

We then picked up a Mango Pie from local bakery and headed to Other American Family’s home. Other American Family has three little boys and they have a lovely house on the beach. We spent entire day at beach and pool. The waves were the biggest we have ever experienced. The rip tide was surprising. I flipped and hit the sandy bottom more than once. Oldest Son could not have been happier. He is our true water baby. All 5 boys played in the ocean, in the pool and in the sand. All the parents visited, relaxed, played and drank some local beverages.

We all went to house to shower and head into local village to taco stand in El Centro (the center of town, the square.) It was sooooooooo good. I had pork and beef tacos. Husband had vegetarian. Kids tried TONGUE and liked it! We ignored the dogs weaving in and out of our tables. More local beverages were consumed. Dinner, drinks and atmosphere for 9 for $40 USD! We sat on the cobblestone street commiserating on surviving the actual Move to Mexico and celebrating beginning our year abroad.

We sleepily celebrated the end of Shabbat with Havadalah.

A very good day.


Steve Cotton said...

And I suspect there are many more Good Days in store for you. We are now going through some 100+ degree days in Oregon. In the past I would have moaned. But I went outside and enjoyed the warmth on my sandaled feet. Mexico cannot come soon enough. I did not even whinge when my air conditioner for the house blew up this afternoon. Everything in its time.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I like tongue. I don't like having a big cow's tongue sitting on a plate, cuz it looks weird to me, but I used to buy tongue tacos in California all the time. Here you can have tacos al pastor and for variety tacos al pastor.Of course, they are not your California tacos either, but good too.