Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Starts Tomorrow

Today has been much like what families do all over the world. We prepared for the first day of school.

We picked up last required items at Lans (local department store.) We finally have at least one complete uniform for each child. We will still have to go back next week for more items so we are not washing every day.

We arranged all their uniforms out and filled backpacks. We talked with them on what to expect. To say they come from an orderly and organized USA Private School is a gross understatement. We tried to explain to them that tomorrow and this week may be a bit chaotic. Not exactly what they are used to in USA.

Just go with the flow. Try to listen carefully. Be respectful. Let us know how we can help.

They are very brave to attend this school in Mexico with a new language. We are so proud of them. They are such great, flexible kids. We are hopeful that they will approach school with the same adventurous, confident spirit we have seen so many times in them.


Steve Cotton said...

I am positive that both boys will look back on this year with the fondest of memories -- the year of living adventurously in Mexico.

Brenda said...

Good luck to them and I hope they have a good experience.