Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday in Tequila

We set out Saturday morning to explore Tequila, Jalisco and return home Saturday afternoon. I am thrilled to report our trip did not go as planned - at all!

Tequila is in the Mexican state of Jalisco and is just northwest of Guadalajara. It took us about 3 1/2 hours to get there. Our drive was through the most beautiful, green mountainous terrain (we took Hwy 200 to Tollway 15).
When we arrived at 1:00 (and knew a drive back would be another 3 1/2 hours) we realized that we should find a hotel and stay the night. We had only brought bathing suits but who cares?

So our first task was to find the center of Tequila and the town square. After a few wrong turns - success! We finally found a parking place which was near Casa Dulce Maria Hotel. This hotel was perfect. It had interesting architecture, art, furniture and it was only $580 pesos ($58 USD) for room with 2 beds. The room was clean and linens good.

We then headed off to the square for lunch and to find a tour for one of the local Tequila distilleries. The square was full of life - restaurants, jewelry salesman, food vendors, tour guides, locals relaxing or visiting church.

We secured a Cofradia tour ($100 pesos/$10 USD per adult). While waiting for tour kids played with their pinwheels ($20 pesos/$2 USD) among the bubbles thrown about by toy vendor. I purchased an inexpensive beaded bracelet with beads Mayans would put under the tongues of the deceased.

We boarded the Cofradia bus. A 10 minute ride out us on the Cofradia agave (plant tequila is made from) fields and distillery. A very knowledgeable tour guide (who spoke English and Spanish) showed us the entire process for making tequila. Fascinating. We chewed the agave pineapple right after cooking - kids loved it. We saw all the remaining process steps. We then had samples. Oh Yeah. We let kids have drops on their tongues - they seem to really like the sweet flavored versions. Oh No. We purchased 3 bottles of the 100% agave white tequila. Oh Yeah.

The grounds were a former monastery and had 250 year old mango trees. There was also a museum and art gallery. This tour was so interesting and fun. The entire family enjoyed themselves.

We headed back to Tequila. We ate dinner and then spent an hour just sitting in square while the kids played. We soaked up the atmosphere and listened to the church bells.
We made it back to hotel in time to have ice cream (kids), coffee (me) and tequila (Husband) in the hotel courtyard. It started to rain and we watched as rain came into open center of the courtyard. A local craftsman delivered a hand carved china cabinet. Oldest Son read his Animorph book. Youngest Son danced around the rain. Husband and I smiled. It was so peaceful.

Sunday in La Toma, Magdalena and Policia Encounter #3!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday. And I cannot wait to hear about Policia run-in #3!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

What a gorgeous colonial town. It sounds like you having a great time, we plan on doing some traveling this year or maybe next (we are sort of into the Mexican thing of not planning much in advance) and this looks like a town we should check out.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

"A Colonial Town" - I am learning about Mexico and had not thought of it this way.

Highly reccomend visitng. It was lots of fun, education and at reasonable prices.